Our Story

We started off as a couple of ‘bad boys’ - one an ethical Sussex beef farmer, the other a South African foodie. Both firm friends and obsessed with creating the most amazing artisanal snacks.

The vision was to create delicious products using the finest local ingredients cured with the handcrafted techniques of South African air drying, taking Biltong to the next level - no more chewy dried meat, only great tasting snacks.

From the start taste was our obsession and the original ‘Bad Boys Biltong’ range was sold locally to pubs, convenience stores and sports clubs with such success that the Bad Boys have now got serious!

When we realised we couldn’t own the Bad Boys name, we created a new brand - Wholesome Wolf. We took this as an opportunity to improve the range in every way so we are fit for the future and more appealing to everyone.

We hate intensive farming practices and food waste and with our products we hope to offer people more sustainable choices.

We’re still bad boys, but even more wholesome and a lot better looking!

Shon Sprackling


Murray Spalding